Youth Summer Jobs Program

Youth Summer Jobs Positions are Currently Closed.

Check back next year.

The Point Roberts Park and Recreation District maintains a youth summer jobs program to provide our local youth the opportunity to work within the Park District as volunteers or paid counselors at our kids summer camp. This program helps promote responsible job skills and collaborative team work for our more mature youth.

Volunteer Counselors

Our Kids camp is restricted to ages 6 through 12; however, we allow kids age 13-15 to act as volunteer (non-paid) assistant camp counselors. This allows these kids to participate in kids camp activities but they are given the responsibility of helping the camp counselors run programs during our camp sessions. Kids who volunteer are required to be there for every camp session and they must follow any instructions by camp counselors so they may become good leaders in the future. These positions are very limited and subject to permission of the lead camp counselor after they have discussed what is expected from the volunteer counselor during the camp.

If you are interested in volunteering as an assistant camp counselor then send a email to: [email protected] on or before June 17, 2022.

Camp Counselors

Our camp counselors are age 16 through 22 and are responsible for running the day-to-day camp activities. This is an excellent opportunity to have these youth work in a temporary part-time summer job and help them develop leadership skills for the future. We try to recruit youth who have been through summer camp previously; however, we are open to new youth joining this program. This is a paid position with a limited number of openings and must be applied for by the youth who wish to participate in it. Job Applications are located here:  Job Application If you wish to attach a resume then please do so.

Since we will be having field trips this summer, Camp Counselors must be able to travel back and forth from Canada. Counselor salaries are $15 per hour for the dates and length of the kids summer camp.

The job application and contact information must be mailed to:
Point Roberts Park & Recreation District
PO Box 156
Point Roberts, Wa 98281

or emailed to [email protected] on or before June 17, 2022.