The Park District is pleased to announce that we have received a $31,100 grant from the Washington Recreation and Park Association to fund our summer kids camp for 2022 plus an additional $7,500 grant for a youth paddleboard program. This year we hope to take our campers on some very exciting field trips away from Point Roberts and the isolation we have experienced here over the past 2 years. 

Early Registration for
Kids Camp is now open

Please send in your child’s application as soon as possible since space may be limited due to the number of counselors available and the limited seating on buses for field trips. We will email a confirmation to the email address listed on the camp release form you send in. If we need to limit space, we will notify you and put your child on a waiting list. Early Registration forms should be mailed to:

Point Roberts Park & Recreation District
Kids Camp
PO Box 156
Point Roberts, Wa 98281

Or you can scan the completed forms and send them to:

Point Roberts Park District sponsors a free kids camp each summer for youth between the ages of 6 and 12. The dates for Kids Camp will be Monday thru Friday, July 11th thru July 29th.   Parents will need to fill out a release form, code of conduct form, and field trip permission form for each child attending camp and these must be turned in before attending the camp.  The camp consists of a morning session and an afternoon session and parents must pick up their child for lunch except on field trip days. You can download the forms below and fill them out before you bring your children to camp. We will also be posting a weekly schedule for the camp, so you know where to drop your child off for the day. Our counselors will be following recommendations from the CDC, the American Camp Association and Whatcom County Health to maintain a healthy environment for all camp activities.

Kids Camp Brochure

Camp Release Form

Code of Conduct Form

Field Trip Permission Form
It is the parents or guardians’ responsibility to fill out the ArriveCAN information for each child online the day before any field trip to Canada and turn in a printed copy that includes the QR Code, access Code and date to the camp counselors or the child will not be allowed to travel. The child’s Passport must be turned into the counselors on the date of the field trips before they are allowed to board the bus. (more information to follow as we get closer to the dates of scheduled field trips)

Camp Feild Trips Information

Camp Schedule – Not Finalized

Kids Camp Covid Response Plan

Kids Camp Youth Summer Jobs Program
(Volunteer and Paid summer jobs ages 13-21)